XAPI P&ID Manager

Process & Instrumentation Diagram Manager - Manage your process - Innovation Industry 4.0

Central recording, organization, monitoring and evaluation of data.

XAPI P&ID Manager is a universal web-based workstation for centralized capture, processing as well as complete and tamper-proof logging of process data and other list documents to support fast and complete project handling. The web portal presents an entire project process in a simple and clear way. Users can easily work on projects anywhere in the world, regardless of time and across multiple plants. This ensures an interactive and fast acting beyond the company boundaries. The platform offers fast access to all modules. Here, project and document information is available just as quickly and clearly such as necessary change and approval processes. The result is: high requirements are minimized, the exchange of needs-based information is accelerated and the time-consuming correspondence is eliminated with the result of an even closer cooperation between customer, project office and supplier. A comprehensive optimization of the entire project execution is achieved.


XAPI P&ID Manager enables the systematic analysis and optimization of manufacturing processes. On the basis of the archived data, potential for improvement can be uncovered and engineering processes continuously optimized. The simple, visual presentation of the collected data, for example, the viewing of the data history, as well as the intuitive operation of the web software always ensures a sustainable transparency in the manufacturing process.

Along the entire system lifecycle, project members in the areas of sales, construction design, procurement, assembly, commissioning and operation always receive needs-based and consistent information. Despite the participation of various groups of people in the projects, media breaks are eliminated, internal communication is improved and time-consuming coordination processes are eliminated.


XAPI P&ID Manager offers a large number of functions for planning, data monitoring and organization:

  • Recording, editing, administration as well as complete and forgery-proof logging of the data.
  • Data backup takes place in an SQL database on an IT outsourcing computer.
  • Clear presentation of list documents with filter options and history overview - revision management./span>
  • Full-text search and easy identification of linked search functions.
  • Creation of MS Excel reporting and external archiving.
  • Multilingual use possibility for global engineering and international teams.



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