XAPI indoctrinates project-related, if desired also to software products of our house and to components of the automation engineering. Customer training within projects is equally self-evident as well as indispensable for us. Contents and duration of our training courses depend here very individually on the needs of our customers. We offer, if desired, project-related training courses before the actual project start-up. From the first day on so you are "the Master of your own plant" and win confidence into our products. Do you have any questions regarding standards for the project planning of hard- and software? We supply the answers tested in practical applications and help you to master future tasks professionally. Use our know how and profit from our experiences in handling SPS and computer technology. Are you locally indispensable? - No problem! We gladly come to you and train at your plant and accordingly at realistic models.

Our training courses appeal in particular to the following person's groups:

  • Plant operator
  • Maintenance staff such as electrical mechanics and locksmiths
  • PLC / Control system - service staff
  • Automation project participants & programmer
  • Engineering personnel


About our company

XAPI Software für Fertigungsautomation GmbH (at that time still SAPI) was established 1989. The aim of XAPI was originally to transfer its technical know-how experienced in 17 years project activities Read more

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